Shallow Processing vs Deep Level Processing

When an issue arises, shallow processing leads to blaming others or escaping into something that is more comfortable, putting off the issue for a later date; whereas deep level processing leads to taking responsibility for the circumstance and directing energy into handling it.

Leadership CPE’s

Continuing Education Credits (CPE's) are required for most Professional Certifications in the Information Technology field. They are also required for other professionals, Certified Public Accountants, Lawyers, Pilots, and the list goes on. In the IT field these credits are given for attending related webinars, writing articles, teaching classes, and a myriad of other activities. They are in place to promote the continued competence and honing of a holder’s relevant skills. Let’s bring that notion to the most important and impactful skill present in any given organization – Leadership!

Burnt Plate

It’s Thursday October 19th 2023 in the Tampa area of Florida and the weather was nice and cool. I just finished dropping my beautiful daughter off at daycare, and was about to get back to work. I decided to make a little breakfast before I made my way out to my office. Like many of us, I was thinking about work, and life, and what I needed to get done.

How to Approach Asking for a Raise

Asking for a raise can be nerve wracking even in the best cases, and many times when someone finally builds up the nerve to go to their boss and ask for a raise - they are already frustrated and have been stewing on why they aren’t getting paid what they think they deserve.


Life is getting faster. Since the internet started gaining widespread acceptance in the 90’s change has accelerated much more hyperbolically than the predictable linear progression of the past. Things are not slowing down, and what makes you successful today may not be what makes you successful tomorrow. Being able to fluidly adapt will be an increasingly crucial factor in your ability to maintain and accelerate your success as a professional and even in life.