• What is the difference between coaching & consulting?

    Objective and focus. Coaching has a greater focus on helping you develop your own solutions through learning, perspective, and development- think, teach a man to fish; whereas consulting is more focused on providing you expert solutions and specific advice for solving business challenges directly.

  • Does coaching actually work?

    With the right mindset, coaching can help you to develop skills and mindsets to enhance your productivity and overcome performance problems. You have to put in the work and ultimately be open to changing the things holding you back.

  • I’m already successful, why would I need a coach?

    How much are you leaving on the table in your personal or professional life? One thing executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and techs all have in common is being human. As humans, we are prone to blind spots and other tendencies that inhibit our performance. I’ll work with you to identify and overcome those inhibitors.

  • How does your coaching work?

    My coaching focus is your individual and/or team’s performance, and I consult on a wide range business problems from overall process to specific procedures. If you aren’t satisfied with the results we achieve, then I’ll fully refund up to 90 days of payment.

  • Can you help me make more money?

    In most cases, yes. I can generally help you solve a wide range of performance, management, leadership, and business problems leading to increased time, efficiency, and often capital. I generally work with individuals who are looking to increase their business revenue or personal income within the bracket of 100k to 500k.

  • Is your coaching only for business professionals?

    No. I most often serve business professionals due to my background. However, most of the skills, traits, and mindsets necessary for professional excellence can be directly leveraged to accomplish your personal goals.