Shallow Processing vs Deep Level Processing

Issues are a daily occurrence in life and business. Things often don’t go as planned. How we process issues will either help us be more effective or be a hindrance.

When an issue arises, shallow processing leads to blaming others or escaping into something that is more comfortable, putting off the issue for a later date; whereas deep level processing leads to taking responsibility for the circumstance and directing energy into handling it.

I work every day to develop into a deeper level processor, and it’s a very fulfilling journey.

Work to avoid:                      Work to Embrace:

Minimizing Issues                          Fully Evaluating Issues

Minimizing issues often leads to underestimating their complexity and impact.

Quick Fixes                                         Long Term Solutions

Focus more on long-term solutions that address the root of the problem. True resolution requires more than a temporary cover-up.

Blaming Others                               Being Accountable

Being accountable means accepting our role in outcomes. Recognize that ultimately, the responsibility lies with us.

Making Excuses                              Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility involves a willingness to look critically at ourselves and identify areas where we could improve, so we can learn from every situation.

Knowing Everything                       Asking More Questions

Adopt a mindset of curiosity. Understand that learning is a lifelong process and the more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.

Having to Be Right                          Seeking Truth

Prioritize seeking truth over being right; fostering a culture of open dialogue, learning, and genuine understanding.

Deep level processing is hard, and (I) we won’t always get it right- we are all human. It takes an open mind and a willingness to deeply understand your own fears, motivations, and limitations; however, embracing a commitment to process issues more deeply will pay continuous dividends both personally and professionally.