Leadership CPE’s

Continuing Education Credits (CPE’s) are required for most Professional Certifications in the Information Technology field. They are also required for other professionals, Certified Public Accountants, Lawyers, Pilots, and the list goes on. In the IT field these credits are given for attending related webinars, writing articles, teaching classes, and a myriad of other activities. They are in place to promote the continued competence and honing of a holder’s relevant skills.

Let’s bring that notion to the most important and impactful skill present in any given organization – Leadership!

Reading is a great start.

“Read to Lead” is a succinct yet profound statement that encapsulates the immense power of books as vehicles for leadership development. A well-crafted book can represent the culmination of an author’s lifetime of experience, insights, and wisdom. By dedicating a few days or weeks to immersing ourselves in such works, we gain access to a wealth of knowledge that would otherwise take years or even decades to acquire. This is leverage in its purest form.

Reading helps us understand, but it takes more than knowledge to execute. Additionally, ensure you are consistently:

Collaborating with other leaders and learning from their experience:

  • Seeking out and connecting with leaders in your field or industry
  • Engaging in regular dialogue and discussion with other leaders
  • Shadowing or observing other leaders in action

Taking leadership focused courses:

  • Enrolling in online or in-person leadership development programs
  • Taking courses on specific leadership topics, such as communication, conflict resolution, or team building
  • Attending workshops or seminars on leadership

Participating in a leadership coaching or mentoring program:

  • Working with a leadership coach to identify and address specific leadership challenges
  • Being mentored by a more experienced leader
  • Serving as a mentor to a less experienced leader

However, you are honing your Leadership, the important thing is that you are constantly seeking to improve your skills and knowledge. Leadership is not a static skillset. It is constantly evolving as the world around us changes.

Ensure that you are always operating at the highest level AND giving your best to your people.