Incremental Commitments™

Incremental Commitments allow you to build better habits systematically- starting small and progressively increasing as the habit becomes more ingrained.

Increasing Your Baseline™

Increasing your baseline helps you avoid losing your hard earned progress, as you consistently increase minimum level of commitment to your most important activities.

Minimum & Maximum Effort Theory™

Minimum & Maximum Effort builds on your baseline and helps you prioritize growth in a particular singular area at a time.


Personal Performance Coaching

 Performance coaching sessions are designed to enhance your ability to execute in both the personal and professional arena.  No Excuses- Come ready to put in the work.

There are no open spots available for Jeremy’s one on one weekly coaching session; contact if you’d like to get on the list.

Speaking Engagements

Engage Jeremy to speak on any of the topics in Podcast, Blogs, or Articles.

Leadership, Life, & Business with Jeremy Walker

The Leadership, Life, and Business podcast hosted by Jeremy Walker explores leadership & business skills, traits, and mindsets, and their application to both personal and professional life.