Motivation | Episode 4

This episode explores the anatomy of motivation and how mindset can be tuned to get & keep you motivated.

The Secret to Success | Episode 3

The Secret to Success… hint, it’s not really a secret- it’s a formula. Add this and subtract that, improve these, rinse and repeat.

Fear & Dealing With Naysayers | Episode 2

Don’t let fear of failure or rejection keep you from moving towards your ambitions and don’t get stifled by naysayers. In Episode One, we uncover the Fear of Failure & Rejection and explore how to deal with Naysayers & Negativity before ending with a facile minute about hurt feelings.

Ownership Mindset, Putting in the Work, Success | Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of Leadership, Life, & Business the host, Jeremy Walker, is introduced and three primer topics are explored: Ownership Mindset, Putting in Work, and Success.