Goal Achieving vs Stress Relieving

“When you kill time, you kill your opportunities for success.”

—Denis Waitley

The low performance persona  consistently prioritizes low value, stress relieving activities such as watching television or going out. These activities require very little effort and in turn offer very little reward. Often, the activities may even be detrimental. We tell ourselves “Only for a minute or a few hours,” and it feels so relieving. Before long we are prioritizing these activities and falling short in the achievement of our goals. Television will never help you get more fit, make more money, help those in need, or accomplish anything.

Put your energy into the things that matter.

There are extremes. Leave the monking for the monks. You do not have to eliminate your favorite stress-relieving activities, but prioritize the efforts that net you the more substantive reward of moving closer to your goals. The closer to your goal you get, you may find that you do not need as much stress relief. Your life in general may become more fulfilling. 

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe