Daily Progress vs Inconsistency

“Slow, steady progress is better than daily excuses.”

—Robin Sharma

People limit their success by only making progress when they are motivated. This approach leads to predictably inconsistent results. New Year’s resolutions are a sublime example of motivation driven progress, or lack thereof. A huge surge of inspiration is followed by a slow decline into the usual and inconsistent routine of “Not today, I’m too busy, but tomorrow for sure.” Tomorrows begin to stack and soon enough it is, “Next year will be different.”

Inconsistent effort leads to incomplete results.

Daily progress, no matter how small, will tend to be far greater in aggregating results than a few sporadic “monumental efforts”. Daily progress leads to the entrenchment of the HABIT of daily progress, which keeps building. A vicious cycle of success is ignited, as these small, daily victories increase momentum and breed inspiration for further success. 

Envision the tortoise slowly but surely making its way, inch by inch and day by day. Even a few minutes a day spent pursuing your goals add up quickly. Put in consistent daily effort.

“Little by little becomes a lot.”—Anonymous